Your Money, My Car: GET OUT!

This was the statement I got from three different drivers who eventually dropped me by the roadside because I was holding a one thousand naira note and they did not have change. In Nigeria, customer service is extinct, especially among taxi drivers. After two more attempts,
the car that finally agreed to take me did not give me my complete change. He said he was doing me a favour by picking me up with the money I was holding. Let us not forget the condition of the car and how we were packed and squeezed and none of us had/has a choice.
Stories like these are very popular among the average Nigerian that does not own a car.

It is no news that effective means of transportation in Nigeria has been non-existent for several decades now. According to the institute of technology in Pakistan, the current transportation problems in developing nations continue to worsen because of bad planning,
lack of governance, and corruption. Therefore, developing countries have a major crisis on their hands and cannot loudly boast of a government-supported means of transport like buses and trains instead, we have individual cars that have been turned into taxis. In most cases, the individuals with these cars if given another chance would rather do something else with their

In addition to that, 67 percent of the population is poor and cannot afford private vehicles so they need an alternative means to transport themselves, goods and services. The government has conveniently handed over the task of finding a solution to individuals who are
unemployed but have found a means of survival by transporting people, goods, and services from one end to the other. Not to forget that these individuals who are not necessarily happy with what they are doing are fully aware that they are the only solution to the non-existent transport system especially among the middle and low-income members of the society. The above facts are the reason why our transport system is characterized by cars in bad conditions and drivers who see themselves as your only choice of transportation. Hence the
driver is king because he believes he is providing a solution to your problem and you don’t have a choice. It is also a system that is not subject to accountability, feedback or improvement.

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