What You Don’t Know About Your Car

    1. Did you know that a screeching sound from your wheel could indicate a brake pad
    2. In most modern-day cars, you can tell the position of your fuel tank filler cap from
      your fuel gauge? Simply follow the direction of the arrow.

    3. The 10th digit/alphabet of the chassis number of your car indicates the year of manufacture.

      From the image above, the manufacturing year is 2003.
    4. The expiration date of your car tire is 3 to 4 years from the date of manufacture. The date of manufacture can be identified by a 4 digit number on the tire. First 2 digits being the week of manufacture and the last 2 the year of manufacture.
    5. Driving with the AC on, at high speeds as opposed to the windows down, saves gas.
    6. Did you know that attaching too many keys to your car key could damage the ignition switch? This is because of the weight of the keys
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